Dad Guide - Who, What and Why?

Jed and his son Scola - 32 Years Apart

Welcome to - my personal getaway from the craziness that is being a parent in this Millenial world of ours. Our child, Baby Scola, is turning 5 months tomorrow and the road to get to that point has not been easy, to say the least. Both my wife and I have learned a lot about parenting which we could have hoped we learned a little bit earlier. Not even the numerous seminars we attended could have prepared us for the real thing. From balancing work, health, leisure and family time, it has been another level of challenge we could never have anticipated. 

So what can you expect from Well, expect a heavy focus on me being a first-time parent and the observations and learnings I got and will get through that process. I hope that this simple site could impart crucial knowledge for dads and soon-to-be dads to make better decisions for the most important thing in our lives - our offspring and of course our partners. 

While I'm not a witty person myself, I'll try to be less serious, more fun in my future posts. Thank you and welcome to!