My Top 3 Underrated Baby Product Discoveries

If we talk about baby products, I'm pretty sure a majority of us would answer diapers, strollers, and toys. And that's what I also thought before. But now, after five months or so of being a real-time dad, I've discovered products that are non-essential at first glance but are completely lifesavers and worth the investment from newborn and beyond:

1. Baby Gas Passer Tube

If you're very unlucky like us, we got a very gassy (colicky) baby. It's a nightmare scenario when all the abdominal massages, bicycle kicks, Mansanilla (Chamomile) oil and gripe water don't work and your baby cries nonstop as he/she is unable to properly pass gas. There's nothing more stressful than knowing you're unable to do anything to help your child. What worked best for us is a product called Windi. It's a bit daunting to use at first but trust me when I say this was the best instant relief product I've used for our baby. Just be careful as it might get messy like a geyser.

Brand/s I personally use:

  • Fridababy The Windi Gas and Colic Relief

2. Baby Earmuffs

Ever since our baby was born, watching television and movies at home has literally turned into a silent affair. Forget about enjoying and understanding anything you're watching like it used to be. In fact, if you've seen the movie "A Quiet Place" (if you haven't you really should), having a baby is a very similar experience. Any sound, big or small, could turn your sleeping angel into the raging Hulk in an instant - and let's not even talk about how hard it is to make your baby sleep in the first place. The solution? Baby earmuffs that isolate most if not all environmental noise so baby will sleep even when you rock your home theater setup to the max. Save some cash by going basic. There are models with bluetooth built-in but that's completely unnecessary.

Brand/s I personally use: 

  • Banz Earmuffs for Babies

3. Any Portable Sterilizer
I've never been a neat freak myself but having a baby will turn anyone into an instant germophobe. Every single thing that baby owns need to be cleaned and sterilized - and no, washing it with baby-approved cleaning agents is never enough. While being at home won't be an issue, what about if you go to the grandparent's place or worse, travel? You won't be able to lug around your big and hefty sterilizer to do the cleaning work. So it's either you bring excessive loads of baby items or you could purchase a portable sterilizer. A UV (ultra-violet light) pocket sterilizer should be enough for instant cleaning of smaller items like teethers and toys while microwavable steam sterilizers are good to use for bigger items like baby bottles. 

Brand/s I personally use: 

  • UV Care Pocket Sterilizer
  • SUNMUM Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bag
  • Nuby Natural Touch Microwave Steam Sterilizer