Why Vacationing with your Baby Should be One of your Top Priorities as a Parent

What's your earliest memory? It's probably around the range of age 5 to 7.  Sad to say, your baby won't remember his/her newborn to early childhood years. So what's the point of traveling and having an expensive vacation with your baby then? I myself was in the same mindset just a few months ago before our baby arrived. My wife's nephew and niece instantly forgot about their trips to Hong Kong Disneyland when they were ages 4 and 2 respectively and it's one that used to puzzle me until now.

1. Babies love new things
The first time we brought out our baby outside our house, we could see the joy and wonder in his eyes. And even without much emotions yet, him not crying and not sleeping the whole time he is out of the house is a clear sign that he is enjoying exploring the new huge world he is discovering. On some level, I would like to think that this "wonder" is a great tool to develop our babies further.

2. This is one of the cheapest times to go on vacation as a family
You'd be surprised how cheap it is to book anything with a baby. While not everything will be free, most will offer a very hefty discount for bringing an infant with you. Of course, we still recommend doing some pacing in this regard. While it would sound awesome to bring your baby on a 16-hour flight to the Americas, I'm sure heck wouldn't want to do it that long yet. A drive or flight worth a few hours should be good enough. It's not the distance per se but the experience itself.

3. Mostly, it's for us adults
Speaking of experiences and memories, while your baby won't remember anything, us adults will. The vacation itself is more for us than for our baby. This is one of the few times you'll get to experience your child in such a state full of simple joys and simple firsts. Nothing will warm your heart more than in seeing your child's big smiles and hearty laughs as he/she experiences something awesome in their mindset.

I hope I have convinced the parents and soon-to-be-parents why vacationing with your baby isn't a bad idea as it seems to be - even with all that baby gear and baby products you have to lug around.


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