Baby Products We Always Buy in Bulk

Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

One thing I learned as one of the cardinal rules in becoming a new parent is to never ever buy in bulk and never ever buy too early. Simply put, babies will grow extremely fast in their first year or so. In fact, our own baby has moved three disposable diaper sizes in a span of just 6 months and I've lost count of the baby clothes that are completely undersized and unusable already. Your baby will also be choosy with the things that he/she will use. Disposable diapers are another great example here - babies are innocent of any branding or pricing bias. Preference will vary and in fact, we tried to buy the most expensive ones before but quickly found out that price is not the only factor in having a great diaper fit for your own baby. But today, let's break those cardinal rules. Here are the top baby products that you can definitely buy in bulk and buy early:

1. Baby Wipes
Next to disposable diapers, one of our biggest expenses is baby wipes. No surprises just because it is so versatile to use. It's pretty much essential in cleaning up your baby when he/she goes to the "bathroom". You can also use it to clean any portion of his/her body anytime. Heck, even adults can use these wipes ourselves. This is a product that you will utilize daily from newborn to who knows when.

2. Baby Liquid Detergent for Items and Baby Powder Detergent for Clothes
Cleanliness is the number one game in taking care of a modern day baby. If you know the movie "Bubble Boy", babies are pretty much going to be like the character of Jake Gyllenhaal in the film in their first few months. This includes how sensitive they are to normal chemicals that have no adverse effects on adults. Primarily, detergents, for use with utensils, toys and, clothes, need to be super mild. You'll be using both products every day as your baby items need constant cleaning and washing. Both are priced higher than your typical cleaning products so if you could get these on a promo, better buy a lot.

3. Cloth Diaper or "Lampin"
The ever-reliable basic white cloth diaper is one that we always bring anywhere, anytime. While we haven't used it as a diaper per se, we use it as a basic towel for our baby. We use it to wipe excess milk and saliva or what-not. You'll be using loads of this especially when you go out with your baby so it's also a good idea to buy lots and lots so you won't run out when you need it most.

4. Breast Milk Bags
If your wife is a working mom then breast milk bags will be a constant need. Unfortunately, milk bags are one-time use only to prevent any possible contamination. Expect your wife to use at least 3 to 4 bags on an average day or at least 1 box a week. The biggest issue we always encounter is stock availability so it's always a good idea to buy a lot when you get the chance.

Did I miss any items that you also buy in bulk? Let me know in the comments section below.