Daddy Makes Lactation Treats - Part 1: The Base Ingredients for the Wife's Homemade Lactation Treats

I'm no chef myself but one of the easiest and "sweetest" ways to show your love to your partner is through her stomach. This series will concentrate on making healthy, homemade lactation treats that will not only increase your wife's breast milk supply but also be as easy to make as possible.

For Part 1, let's discuss the base ingredients I plan to use. More details on each below:

1.Rolled Oats
Oats contain a lot of iron. Low milk supply has been linked to anemia. This is also a pretty common ingredient that's sure to put some crunch and punch into any recipe.

2. Brewer's Yeast
Apparently, beer helps with lactation also. But drinking alcohol in the first place might not be ideal for a healthy baby for obvious reasons. Brewer's yeast is a good alternative. An ingredient in making beer, this ingredient not only increases milk supply but may also help in getting more energy and a positive mood. It might make your partner and baby gassy though so I'll have to see if I'll have to remove this eventually if it makes our baby colicky.

3. Ground Flax Seeds
Another ingredient that increases milk supply and essential fatty acids, I plan to use this to add more body to my recipes.

4. Ground Fenugreek
Fenugreek has a storied past in the lactation game and has been in use since biblical times. Typically, this ingredient takes effect after 24 to 72 hours (1 to 3 days). The taste is bitter so I plan to use this sparingly.

5. Malunggay Leaves 
Adding some local flavor into the mix. The Philippines' wonder vegetable. If you didn't know, malunggay is also known to increase breast milk supply. Amazing stuff.

6. Almond Nuts
Full of calcium and iron, almonds are one of my favorite nuts to munch on. Luckily, it's also known to increase breast milk supply and improve the quality of breast milk for your baby.

Not included here are other key ingredients like honey and chocolates - don't worry, I'll try my best to make this as delicious as possible.