What To Do When Its Time to Feed Your Baby Solids

Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash
How time flies. Our baby is now more than 7 months old (going on 8 months next week). And it is finally time to train him on eating solids. But surprise, surprise, like anything else in being a first-time parent, nothing comes easy. Who knew that feeding was going to be complicated and hard? Well, here's how we live and let go when it comes to training our baby:

1. It's not and will never be a race so don't force it

As early as 4 months, babies can start eating solids but your results may vary. In fact, our baby only started to "accept" solids when he turned exactly 7 months. If you noticed, I purposely highlighted the word accept because most of the time, our baby still hates eating solids. There are times when he seems to enjoy it but most of the time he freaks out. 

Crucially, never force the issue with your baby. He/she might relate eating solids to being a negative activity. Just work at it slowly until your baby learns to love it. Believe it or not, the goal for the early weeks of first-time feeding is more about our babies learning about accepting the new textures and tastes.

2. One food item at a time every 3 days

Remember, this is your baby's first-time ever to try food outside of breast milk or formula so you won't have any idea to foods that can cause an allergic reaction. To make sure you can properly track which foods works and which foods to avoid, it's a good idea to feed the same food item for at least three days straight.  If you mix up food items, it will be a headache to pinpoint which caused the allergic reaction. Of course, if you encounter any allergic reactions in between those 3 days, immediately stop and avoid that food item for now.

If you're curious, my wife had our baby eat the ff. in his first month of eating solids:

1. Avocado (if in season)
2. Squash
3. Sayote or Chayote
4. Potato
5. Papaya

We heat-up via microwave, mash, and mix with breast milk or distilled water before feeding. Around 1 teaspoon serving.

3. Best of all, eating time can also be bonding time

If your time permits, make sure to make baby's eating time occur at the same time you eat meaning he/she should feed on solids 3 times a day already at 7 months (that's Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). Not only does it instill a schedule that makes your baby learn when it's time to eat outside of his/her other activities, but it is the perfect time to have some crucial bonding time with your baby.

While we ourselves don't have time to be with our baby during Lunch, we try our best to eat at the same time with him during Breakfast and Dinner. Make sure to do this at the dining table just to instill the idea that the dining table means eating time also. Remember, routines are always key to making babies learn and understand faster.