My Advice When Traveling With Your Baby

One of the scariest things for new parents is the concept of travelling with your baby. Admittedly, it was and still is a hot topic. But late last year, we decided to actually do it in a limited fashion. While we expected a lot to go wrong, it was surprisingly easy. Here's how we actually survive our baby's first out-of-town trip: 

1. Choose your battles wisely. 
One thing we were worried about was how our baby would react to being away from home for a long time. We had no issues when we were walking around a mall (or in this case, airport). Babies tend to be always too amused in new surroundings to be actually moody but being still inside a plane for far too long was the biggest question mark. At 8 months, our baby had a very short temper when it came to him and his guardian being standstill in a certain fashion. From the get-go, we had to set certain parameters to make sure we won't set up ourselves for extreme stress: 

a. The trip had to be domestic. 
b. The flight should not take more than an hour. 
c. Transfers to our hotel should not take more than an hour. 
d. Choose a hotel with a microwave and refrigerator. 

With all those set, picking a destination was the easiest part. 

2. Bring a copy of your Baby's Birth Certificate or Better Yet, Get a Passport ASAP. 
Remember the issue of getting passports recently? It was mayhem for most regular folks but luckily, having a child (7 and below) is a huge benefit. If you didn't know, you don't need to sign up for a schedule online and you definitely don't need to lineup. Just show up at your selected DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) branch and inquire where the Courtesy Lane is. Be sure to bring accompanying documents for your kid's application: 

a. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Birth Certificate
b. Marriage Certificate (if only one parent is available) 
c. Passport or Government Issued ID from one parent
d. School ID (if already applicable) 

You as an adult can also renew if you get doubly lucky in terms of timing. 

3. Bring the right accessories. 
Another thing that we planned heavily on are the baby gear and accessories we will bring to the trip. It would be easy to say to bring everything but that is not realistic for obvious reasons. The first thing we needed to do was confirm what our trip's setting was. It was a beach trip. So no to our stroller, yes to our carrier. In summary, here's the key gear we thought were essential: 

a. Baby Banz (to protect our baby from noise while he is in transit) 
b. Carrier (to make our walks a little bit easier. Strollers were an instant no go due to the sandy environment) 
c. Microwave Sterilizer Bag (to sterilize your baby's toys and food gear) 
d. Insect Repellant
e. Sunblock for babies 

One thing we hope we brought was a portable tub. We weren't able to get the item we bought online in time for the trip. Be sure to ask your hotel if they have one also.

4. Don't worry and just go with the flow 
Contrary to popular belief, this is the best time to travel with your kid (7 months and up). This is the time wherein the baby is still immobile enough for you to be able to control them easily while developed enough for significant physical bonding and interaction. 

I would suggest for you to take the plunge, just go with the flow, and have an awesome time with your kid. It's up to you on how simple or grand a trip may be what's key is that you cherish this rare moment with your loved ones.


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