My Biggest Realization So Far in Being an 11-Month Old Parent

Photo by Ryan Graybill on Unsplash
I'm sure we've all heard our parents say this to us that in some form or another that "You will understand when you have kids of your own". It's one concept that is so simple and yet so hard to grasp - especially for a very young mind. I find it hard to admit now but I always scoffed at the idea when I was younger. But being a dad myself for the past 11 months, that saying really holds true.

I'm not sure about your context but I remember that my parents used to say this to me when I did a "not-so-good" deed and they had to actually punish me. Being a kid back then, I'd always think that my parents actually enjoyed disciplining me. But again looking back now, that's just childish naivety at its best.

Our son is only 11 months, barely even able to comprehend his actions, but even now, one of my biggest fears is to find out one day that I have failed to guide him to be a good person. To find out that I have failed as a parent to give him the best to make him be a smart, God-fearing, productive member of society. That fear alone I'm sure would push me to make tough decisions and actions in the near future. Actions that I may not like but would have to do to make sure our son won't veer off the moral path.

The biggest lesson so far in my 11 months as a parent is not only that the saying above is true but more than anything else is that it is always a great time to tell our parents that we love them and we appreciate them. These past 11 months showed me how certainly hard it was for my parents to take care of us, to teach us, to scold us, and even to deny our greatest whims just so we could grow up to become good people. They have surely sacrificed a lot not only in terms of money but also their time and youth and age.

While you still have the time, be sure to thank and love your parents every single second you have in this world.  To the instances that I fought, shouted, and got mad at them, I am truly sorry. I wish I could turn back time actually. One of my biggest regrets (if not the biggest) is my own failure to show appreciation to my dad before he passed away for more than a decade ago. Don't miss your chance and be sure to love your parents dearly not only in discrete action but also in words.