The Greatest Gift You Could Give Your Wife and It Costs Nothing

Photo by Julie Johnson on Unsplash
As a couple, my wife and I just surpassed a huge milestone. Our baby boy just turned one and that means we are also celebrating our anniversary as parents. That first year as rookie-parents was an eventful one to say the least. It had its ups and downs, challenges, and realizations.

The biggest realization so far is that memories are truly fleeting. What may seem so unforgettable is going to be eventually. Even at just one year, I am already forgetting a lot of significant and not-so-significant events with our child. But here's the thing, we are so lucky to be alive in an era where we can document everything quickly, easily, and clearly that it takes very little effort to capture that magical moment with you and your child. Even luckier for me, my wife makes sure that each and every day, she posts about our child.

But here's the thing, I'm the complete opposite of my wife. I rarely take a picture (or a video) and even rarer, a great-looking one that I could proudly post online. Unfortunately, that's turning out to be quite unfair. While I stroll around not worrying about having an abundance of pictures and videos with our child, my wife rarely gets to have a photo with him. Most of her photos are either our child, me and my child, or we as a family. She never gets to have a honest-to-goodness "moment" captured with our child.

So I promise that moving forward, I'll be sure to capture more moments of my wife and our child together. Regardless of quality or "uploadability". These captured moments are for her, for our child, and for us so they don't need to be clean or to be neat - they just need to be honest.

So I hope I made it clear that one of the greatest gift that you could give your wife are memories - and they are mostly cost-free. Memories will bring so much more long-lasting happiness and emotions than any other bountiful item you could buy.