How We're Battling our Infant's Allergic Rhinitis

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
Allergic Rhinitis. It's one of our biggest conundrums recently. Since our child turned one, he has been in a constant battle with coughs, sneezes, and colds. Now it would be easy to say to find the root cause/s but saying is easier than done. Frustratingly, we really have no clear-cut answer to his rhinitis other than its probably dirty air or dust. Outside of moving outside the country, it's most likely that our child will have this condition long-term. The worst bouts yet were the times when he was unable to sleep or eat properly due to his clogged up nostrils. While the obvious advice is to seek your pediatrician's help (which we did so don't worry about that), here's how we have been able to maintain our infant's allergic rhinitis without breaking the bank and our minds:

Good Old Fashion Spring Cleaning (COST: time)
One of the best decisions we did was a total clean-up of our house. This took at least a day to do but not only was it surprisingly fun but it was also therapeutic for the both me and my wife. De-cluttering was refreshing both physically and mentally. It was a workout in itself and the best thing about it that it was totally free of any cost. The first night though was a horror story as our child had his worst rhinitis attack ever but after that hiccup, everything was mostly smooth-sailing after. 

Air Purifier (COST: around P18,000)
I have to admit, I always found it silly needing an air purifier. Even with cheaper options available, I was always never a believer in the technology until we had our baby. Fact of the matter is, he needs it and unfortunately, this is an area where we couldn't skimp that much (at least based on the reviews I found online). The best and cheapest option we found is to but an older model from BlueAir specifically the Classic 205. To make this even cheaper, we waited for a sale via Lazada before buying. While it lacked some features of its newer models, we found those extra features to be unnecessary.  

Vacuum Cleaner (COST: around P15,000)
There were two things we considered. First is the unit's capability to suck up dust and dirt. Second if the vacuum cleaner was able to disinfect while cleaning. If you noticed, cost wasn't really a factor from the start and we even looked at the expensive Dyson or Rainbow Cleaner as possible options. Luckily we were able to deduce that we could actually separate the cost into two distinct vacuum cleaners and for way lot cheaper. We first got a Dibea UV-808 via LazMall during a Lazada sale event. The unit is a handheld type just the perfect size to clean our bed, pillows, sheets, and even sofa. It even comes with a UV light to disinfect while cleaning. Admittedly, we have yet to buy a full cordless vacuum cleaner but we are eyeing the Mi Dreame V9. We are still assessing if the rhinitis lessens just with the Air Purifier and Dibea vacuum before going full blast.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied how we did and the rhinitis as of today has lessened a lot (almost gone actually). Our total budget will net us one air purifier and two vacuum cleaners which typically amounts to one high-end vacuum cleaner only. The important thing is research, being patient about additional discounts, and taking it one step (or item) at a time.

Do you have other tips of your own? I would like to hear from you on the comments below.


  1. bro! take care of that allergic rhinitis. i have them too! the same problems i encountered before. i thought i grew out of it but just recently it got angry and came out of my skin. of all places to attack, it came out of my face. the worst! i did see some dermatologists but with no avail then i change to an allergy doctor and the doctor explained that this atopic dematitis which is know as eczema or skin asthma is correlated to the allergic rhinitis that i got. mine is what they called as an adult onset eczema thus the severity of the damage. its a life long balancing act between myself and the allergens. METRO MANILA AIR POLLUTION is a major contributor to such disease. I need to visit the doctor every Saturday for immunotherapy and just by looking at the queue, I have noticed lots of kids are suffering these days.

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