One Year of DadGuide - What I Learned Most

Wow, how time flies. It's been exactly a year since I started this blog. While those 365 days flew by fast, a lot has changed. The biggest change of all is our baby boy who's no longer a baby but now a toddler. In fact, just last year, he was just learning to toss and turn. He could barely crawl. Every week was such an amazing time as the firsts came and came and came non-stop. But now, while the achievements have slowed down a bit, our boy literally runs around and has his own distinct wants, thoughts, and emotions. While you may think that it has been less rewarding, it isn't. In fact, I'm becoming prouder each day.

So what have I learned the past year? Probably the most important one is time. Specifically time spent with family has been my rock this past twelve months. Whatever problems may arrive (and boy how they came this year), I have found solace knowing that I will always have a family to support me, to cheer me up, and to literally make those problems go away even for a fleeting moment.  Also, time is something you cannot get back. Weighing your options is a daily struggle but knowing your priorities is key to finding that balance.  

I guess my point is simple. Being a parent is literally indescribable. It's challenging as heck and it's a pain at times. I won't sugar coat it but it requires a lot of sacrifice. Time away from your family will hurt but it is sometimes necessary. Time away from yourself will hurt but family comes first.  At the end of the day, it's all worth it. Seeing your child smile back is literally priceless. Cheers to all parents out there and here's to another year to all of us!



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