An Easy Way to Clean Your Aircon During the Pandemic

Stating the obvious, the past few months have been life-changing. The pandemic has completely altered how we see our world and it's safe to say that everyone has turned into legitimate germophobes at this point. 
As a family, we try our best to stay safe and keep safe through careful prevention. Although we cannot 100% stop ourselves from not going out at least once a week due to the nature of our work and business, we make sure that we always reduce the risk of an infection if there's a better alternative.

One of these alternatives solved our conundrum of our unmaintained airconditioner unit which wasn't cooling our room the same as before. It has been at least half a year since we had our unit cleaned and we're not so sure if we really wanted outsiders going inside our house, even more our own personal room, for an extended amount of time. 

Luckily, I found this awesome product that legit made me an "aircon cleaner" for a day. It's a DIY cleaning kit called EaZy AC Aircon Cleaner Concentrate.  What I loved about the product is it is free from any chemicals, enzyme-based (meaning it kills off algae and slime not removed by regular cleaning), free from messy foam and residues, and most importantly safe for babies and sensitive people.

For cleaning, you can do it in 3 simple steps:

1. Mix with warm water (not boiling just warm to touch) to make an equivalent of 450ml solution and put inside a spray. 

2. Turn off unit, remove filters and spray the solution at your aircon coils. 

3. Wait 20 mins and spray rinse with water afterwards.

You can watch the official instruction video below:

It shouldn't take you more than an hour at most to clean one aircon unit. It's best to purchase through their Official Lazada store. One bottle is P399 and good for one cleaning of a 1.5HP aircon unit.  

If you have inquirires, you can directly contact EaZy AC Aircon Cleaner Concentrate through their Facebook page and Instagram Page or Official Website.